Massanutten, VA is a resort town with an eclectic mix of outdoor, shopping, and dining experiences. This property was designed to draw in families from the surrounding Northeastern United States. The target audience is likely to be outgoing, adventurous, and looking for quality family time in the mountains.

STR Design

Massanutten - Modern Cabin

Since going live with our design, this listing has been significantly outperforming market averages in its area. The property boasts a 86% occupancy rate, well above the 54% market average. After the first few months of operation, the annual revenue is projected to reach $145K, more than doubling the market average of $67K. Additionally, the listing maintains a perfect 5-star rating on Airbnb, surpassing the market average of 3.8 stars.

Living Room
Upper Loft
Primary Bedroom
Bedroom 2
The Cue Club
Pool View
Queen Room
Outside View


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