What regions do you design in?

We take clients all of the United States for our remote design service. We travel to most markets for our design and installation service. Inquire to find out if we install in your area.

When should I reach out?

Ideally we would get started while you are under contract. That way as soon as you close on a property, you can order the furniture and design elements.

How long does a project take?

A project period is about 4-5 weeks. When you sign on we give you an exact handoff day. We take the first couple weeks to conduct market research and create a strategy for your property. We then enter the design phase which takes 2 weeks to source all of the furniture and design your property.

Do you help choose which amenities to put in the property?

Yes, as part of our research we will look at the market and determine which amenities will allow you to charge a higher nightly rate.

Do you help determine the optimal guest count?

Yes, we study the data to determine the optimal guest count.

When will furniture arrive?

We only source items that are in stock and ready to ship. Items will arrive to your property within 3 weeks.

How much should I budget for furniture?

A good estimate is $5,000 per bedroom and $6,000 per common space (living room, dining room, game room, etc).

Where do you source furniture?

We source furniture from Amazon, Wayfair, Society 6, and Target to name a few. We understand that the furniture should be quality, but should make sense from an investment standpoint. For this reason, we check reviews to ensure quality and don't source furniture from high end companies that charge more for being name brand.

How long does it take after the design is complete?

Your property will be setup and photographed 5 weeks after the design is complete. All the furniture is delivered and some contract work is completed in the first 4 weeks. We travel to the property week 5 and complete the installation and manage the photoshoot.

Does your price cover your travel expenses?

Yes, we pay for our flights and other travel expenses.

Do you order the furniture?

Yes, we place and track all of the orders.

What costs am I responsible beyond your service fee?

In addition to our service fee, you will are responsible for the furniture cost and contractors such as painters, wallpaper installers, photographer, etc.

What contractors do you work with?

We work with painters, wallpaper installers, muralists, electricians, movers, furniture builders, wall mounters, string light installers, junk removal, and photographers. We will find and manage all of these contractors for your project.

How long will you be at the property?

We will be on site for one week to manage the furniture installation, decorate and stage, and direct the photoshoot. Before the setup week, we place and track all of the orders, and work with contractors who can complete their work prior to us arriving (painter, muralist, wallpaper installer).